What We Do

Umoja designs, manufactures and supplies engineered products and sealing devices in a wide range of industrial applications. The unique conditions of the South African industry are met through years of hands-on experience. We also offer reconditioning services as well as on- site design and technical assistance.

Our Unique Business Model

Another pillar of our business model is our commitment to a very aggressive price structure that is uncommon in the industry, with this we hope to exceed all expectations. Not only is a broad inventory base at the best price important, but also the level of product quality we provide each customer.

Our Service Commitment

Umoja is committed to establishing a broad in-stock inventory of mechanical seals, gland packing, gaskets and couplings, which will satisfy a diverse base of customers. An updated computerised inventory system allows our customers to find what they are looking for quickly and reliably.

Our Network

Umoja has developed a network with manufacturers in South Africa and abroad to assist in offering a complete one-stop-shopping experience. We deal with many industry role-players to ensure our clients are getting the best quality products.